Our Computer Literacy Program

Computer literacy has become an essential life skill. Employers expect basic computer knowledge. Medical professionals share medical information digitally. Children are relying on technology more and more in school. It is essential to learn and develop skills ranging from basic computer operations, to proficiency in email, document creation, and communication tools. Jobs requiring computer skills pay 18 percent more than jobs that don’t.

Reasons why computer literacy is critical:

  • More job opportunities with better pay and benefits
  • Ability to advocate for yourself and your children’s health and education
  • Access to more resources

ELL connects our students with volunteers who help you learn and practice basic computer and technology skills:

  • Operating your computer
  • Navigating the Internet, including search engines and using email
  • Creating documents in Word or Google Docs

Workplace Communication

ELL provides volunteers who can support you in your current job, or help you prepare for your next job opportunity. Tutors assist with:

  • Resumé development and writing
  • Assistance in completing job applications
  • Practice interviews to prepare for employment opportunities
  • Role playing how to respond to workplace challenges and how to use effective communication