Give the Gift of Literacy

“I would like non-English speakers to understand how important it is to learn English and how this can impact the life of the children. Being able to help them with their homework and being involved in their education can help them to be successful students.” — ELL student, Aracely

“I used to be very nervous about speaking English, but having a one-on-one tutor through the ELL gave me the confidence I needed. I took a call in English in front of my department of 12 people. When I finished they all stared in admiration (as cheesy as it sounds). Since then, most English calls are being passed onto me.  The ELL Program gave me this opportunity of talking with confidence.” — ELL student, Renan R.

“My boss thought I knew enough English to give me the Supervisor position at work during his absence for a week.” — ELL student, Juan H. 

We believe that doing good transforms our community and each of us individually. This belief comes alive when we connect volunteers with meaningful ways to help.

Florence Phillips, Founder and Senior Director